When life is not about achieving a goal….rather a focussed journey of working towards your ‘current’ goals … that is called living.

When the process and journey of achieving the goal is experienced, is internalised, is ‘lived’… irrespective of the outcome…that leads to true laughter (joy)

When life and laughter can be shared…that is love.


The goal itself….if vetted by the soul, is a means…not the end. 

Body, Mind, Heart….and Soul.

So far, i have always heard of the trio…the body, the mind and the soul.

But today I experienced a fourth.

There is a Body that houses us.

There is a Mind that provides cognition

There is a Heart that feels and provides emotions

But …..the Soul is something deeper.

It comes up when there is a perfect union of the 3, and becomes a separate 4th entity.

I discovered this entity during my prayers …. and that was the closest I felt communicating with the living God. The peace, the calmness, the depth was astounding !

I think that death will be that day, when I can be in that state all the time.

Though I touched that state, I also felt God tell me, go back. Its not the time for you to be here yet. Thank you so much for that too God.

There are billions of people on this earth…and most people in this world would know atleast thousands or atleast a few hundred others.

Maybe ONE hundred would be considered ‘close’…family, friends, growing up together, work together..etc etc.

Most people would probably have fewer who truly love them…i mean ‘truly’ love them. Maybe a best friend, your one special partner, your folks, your close relatives, some more close friends… Ten – max Twenty people who truly truly care for you…….Honestly, I would be happy to find 5….

I would be happier still, if I could truly love and understand just 1….myself

This is probably the toughest challenge in life. Everything else is comparative cake walk.

Can you forget the ability to be happy ?

And if yes, can you learn the skill again ???????

The dictionary meaning of Happiness is a form of emotion…a basic form of emotion related to positive feelings and a positive state of mind. How can one forget a basic emotion ? That is supposed to be a natural and instictive feeling ????

Lets for a moment compare this with walking. Walking is a physical act. A very very basic, natural and instinctive physical act. Kids learn to walk around 1-2 year and post that never ‘forget’ the act. No adult as such ‘forgets’ how to walk.

Yet – just for a moment imagine that a person is forced into inaction. Is forced in a situation where he cannot walk. Forced to be in a wheel chair or bed or whatever where for years and years and years..he is unable to walk.

One find day if he is then asked to just ‘walk’ it is possible he will forget the act.

The same is possible with happiness. If a person is for years and years tuned in a way where they are incapable of feeling happy, though born with this basic instinct, they will forget how to feel that emotion. Infact it is probably much easier to forget happiness than it is to forget walking.

So…i concur that it is very easy to forget how to feel happiness.

But the hope is that once forgotten, when made aware, hopefully one can re-learn that skill.

I dont know yet, how one could relearn that….But maybe thats another blog !!


What an awesome word.

the best way to describe acedia in my mind is to first understand the opposite! So, the complete opposite of acedia…???? ???

…. is having a passion for something(s) so much that it is enough for you to live by.

Imagine, if you love music, or books, or planets, or movies, or sports….anything! so much, that when you think about it you feel happy, when you talk about it your eyes light up. That is true passion! A passion, that if you recognise, can probably keep you going through life…..

The exact and extreme opposite of that state of being is Acedia….and btw, acedia is a sin.

One of the original 7 cardinal sins as per the Bible, that over time got so confusing that it got lost in translation. And today has kind off gotten clubbed with sloth.

I am sure that many humans dont pursue their passion. Some get lost, some are forgotten and some are sacrificed. But, to ignore (or suppress??) your passion, is a sin.

It is a sin, because it defies the purpose for which God built you on this earth. If God put you on this earth for a purpose, then he also provided you a passion to help you find that purpose. And, it is evey human’s responsibility to find their passion. Find it by talking to God, by spending time with yourself, by understanding what you truly truly love….

But do not ignore that passion. For if you ignore it, there is a penalty!!!! In the extreme phase, the penalty for Acedia is that it will ensure that you are incapable of finding happiness in ANYTHING else at all. It will consume you completely….

Your individual passion might surprise you…it will most probably not be what you thought it to be….but the journey should definitely be worth it.

For those of you who know your passion..congrats! For those of you who are overcoming your acedia…here’s wishing you a great journey !!!!